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When I visited WordPress.org this morning, There’s a text that draws my attention, it says “WordPress Trademark Changes Hands” from the official WordPress blog. I thought WordPress has been sold by Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress. But when I read the post in the blog carefully, it is changes hands.

Don’t worry WordPress users, you will still be able to use WordPress freely without any cost. What Automattic, the company where WordPress belonged to before, has done is transferring the trademark and logo to a non-profit organization, named WordPress Foundation, not selling it to a commercial company.

If you visit WordPress Foundation site, the foundation will be responsible for protecting WordPress logo and trademark from misuse. They will make sure every source using the trademark and logo are from official sources.

Like what was written on the WordPress Foundation website, the main goal of the foundation is to ensure free access, in perpetuity, to the software project they support.

In his personal blog, Matt Mullenweg also has explained the reasons why he donated WordPress trademark and Logo. In his post, Matt Mullenweg has stated that the WordPress trademark transfer to the WordPress foundation means the core WordPress identity, which is its name and logo, now has became independent of any company.

As with any other open source project, WordPress also needs a social organization that will make sure anyone who use the project, will adhere to the open source license. In this case WordPress uses the GPL, which is one of several open source license available. Because of these reasons, Matt Mullenweg has founded the WordPress Foundation.

For more information about WordPress Foundation, please visit http://www.wordpressfoundation.org.

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