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Discussion Board : Posting (and accessing wordpress) WordPress via Mobile Devices (case study : via HandPhone)
Requirements : HandPhone that already able to go through internet and a mobile browser that can be used for browsing. And a WordPress.Com account

WordPress is a blogging service that actually, enough to give attention to your comfort. For example, mobile features (if that can be called features) have existed since long, but still many people that have not used it, maybe even do not know. WordPress has long had a feature WordPress Mobile, which if you access your WordPress.com account via mobile, you are automatically redirected to a page in WordPress mobile ( m.wordpress.com ), but of course, the view WordPress page, you will be tailored to the ability of mobile devices to display your WordPress page (just a few essential services such as post, view traffic / stat, while for the setting of the other, more complex, of course, you still have to access it via computer)

Ok, We will get focus on this case study, that is for doing a blog-posting via mobile devices (m.wordpress.com)

Hoe could we post via mobile?
1. Go to WordPress.com via your mobile devices. You will be redirected to login page m.wordpress.com automatically. (or if Not, you can just access direct to the address m.wordpress.com). Insert your wordpress username and password. Then choose login.

2. You will be redirected to Stat Tab. Here you can see the traffic / stat from your wordpress blog with quite simple appearance. Choose Post Tab (or go to Post Tab with scroll down / up your handphone keypad) for start posting.

3. You will be redirected to posting page. Write your posting here, as usual.

For writing Category and tags -> separate the writing categories and tags with a comma (, ). Remember, to make sure you write categories category that already exists in your wordpress, if not, WordPress will consider a category that you write as a new category.
4. Choose Publish, for publish your post. Or choose save as draft for save your post as a draft.

p.s. But of course, all post features that more complete (such as upload images, music, files, and all the settings for that matter) not all can be found here. WordPress mobile promote the ease and simplicity to keep blogging through mobile devices . Post via mobile maybe quite simple, but quite enough to cover the needs to fill the needs of posting (title and body posts, categories, and tags.).

Happy WordPress-ing (via mobile) ! 😀

Oleh littleflow3r

obviously, a girl. with sweet smile, off course. turning her 21 years trapped on Informatics departement and just started to having some crush with it lately. she uses wordpress. she loves php. she loves to satisfied her shopping hobbies just via looking around in online shop. oh yeah, she got an A for her english subject^^

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