WordPress.com Basic: Surprise Me (Fun Mode)

I guess most users are still wondering about this function. Surprise Me (Fun Mode), what for? It sounds interesting. And sure it is. After I did the blog walking and searched it in Google, many WordPress.com users wonder what this “something” is for. They asked what surprise that would WordPress.com gives to them. And it looks like most of them do not understand the reason why they should check or not the check-box of Surprise Me (Fun Mode).

Surprise Me
Surprise Me

Where can I find Surprise Me (Fun Mode)?

In the Dashboard, choose Users > Personal Settings, then you would find a part like the image above. The default state, the check-box of this facility is unchecked.

What would happen if I check the check-box?

If you check Surprise Me (Fun Mode), there would be a change of the appearance of your post editor. Look at these images:

Post Awesome N
If the Surprise Me (Fun Mode) is unchecked
Post Awesome Y
If the Surprise Me (Fun Mode) is checked

The impact is the appear of the other check-box in the post editor named This post is super-awesome. And actually, this is the big question…

What would happen if the “This post is super-awesome” check-ox is checked?

Not many people know about it. Most of them check it because they want to know the surprise from WordPress.com. So do I at the beginning. Then, because it looks like no any changes (at the time, I still did not realize the additional check-box in the post editor), I just forgot about it. Even when the surprise faced me, I did not know that was the surprise from WordPress.com.

So, what is the surprise?

It is true that the pop of the surprise is seldom enough. Only at some opportunities you would find the surprise.

This surprise only appears while you access the checked check-box post. It means that if you do not want this surprise pop on your screen, just make it unchecked.

Please, what is the surprise that makes many people so anxious to find it?

The video is. Yeah, the pop of the unique video on your screen is the surprise. According to the opinion of WordPress.com, we are lucky to watch the video that’s so seldom appear. Why? Because we only have one chance to watch it. If we watch the same video on the next chance, then the time gap would be long enough.

Under the video box, there is a link that brings you to the other page. I forget about the detail, but WordPress.com congrats us because we are the lucky one that could watch the video. We can give any suggestion to WordPress.com about the other unique video as the surprise.

And then…

I’m the one who is not so interested to the surprise. I just realize the WordPress.com surprise after I close the videos that frequently appear on my screen.

I think those videos disturb my blogging activities. So that I uncheck the check-box of Surprise Me (Fun Mode).

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