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Writing a post in a blog has its own challenge. Different to printed writing, writing in the online media (posting) that force reader to stay for a long time in front of the monitor, makes us should create the post that is not boring, not tiring, and not torturing reader as possible as we can. As a writer, we want our writing is truly read, not only seen its head and tail. That is why our writing should be produced wisely so that the readers don’t think that read our post is just wasting their time. On the other word, we try to make our post as short as possible.

But how if our post is already a long writing?

Of course the only solution for this problem is shorten the post by splitting the content. Yes, in WordPress.com, we can split some parts of the long post become shorter parts without using any plug-in.

Splitting Content
Splitting Content

At this chance, we’ll split the content of the post become some parts. Not only two parts, but also more than that. Using this way, we’ll get the output just like the image above. The example shows us that the post is split into three pages, so the numbers that appear are one to three.

All right! Now let’s just  follow this easy trick to split long content become some shorter parts.

Prepare the long post
For the first time, of course we should prepare the long post that would be split. Make sure the post is long for sure and suitable to be split into some parts. We don’t want some parts look to short, do we? Although there is no rule about this, but the part that too short is not good looking.

Write down the secret code
In WordPress.com, we can use one of the code for splitting the content. The code is like this:


The code can be used as many as we can (meet the need) in HTML View of the WordPress.com text editor. But before that, make sure we place the code to the proper place.

Save the post and see the result
Complete other necessaries like category and tags. Then, finish it by pushing the PUBLISH button as the expression that we publish the post. Now we can see that the long post has been split into some shorter parts.

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