Upload Image in to WordPress Post (for Beginner)

Discussion Board : Tutorial to upload images in WordPress posts.
Needs : WordPress.com account, and an Image as a sample (can be in different filetype).

When posting articles, essays, or tutorial, of course we will often want to include some images in our posts, because with the pictures, your post will look more attractive. This tutorial is intended for beginners wordpress users who do not know how to upload images into a wordpress post.

Follow this Steps :
1. Log in to WordPress.com by entering a username and password (your wordpress account).
2. You will be redirected to a dashboard page of wordpress.
3. Select the Post – Add New.
4. You will find page WordPress posts. Enter a title, as well as other text you want in the box width to write the text.
5. To insert an image, click the “Add an Image”, as shown in the following figure (part circled in red).

6. Wait until loading is complete. After loading is complete, it will show the Add an Image dialog box (see picture below). Choose Select Fields (circled in red), then locate the location of the image you want to enter into a wordpress post. Click on the picture and select Ok.

7. Images will begin to be uploaded into your wordpress server. Wait until the image loading is finished.
8. After loading the image is complete, it will display the details of your uploaded images, shown as picture below. Fill in the title, caption, description, alignment (layout) and the size you want, or let it default. When finished, click the “Insert into Post” (the part circled in red).

9. Perform steps 5-8 again if you want to insert another picture in your post. If done, click Publish to publish your post.
10. Check Ur post, make sure that the image is successfully upload like below 😀

Okay, hope it will help. Happy WordPress-ing.

Oleh littleflow3r

obviously, a girl. with sweet smile, off course. turning her 21 years trapped on Informatics departement and just started to having some crush with it lately. she uses wordpress. she loves php. she loves to satisfied her shopping hobbies just via looking around in online shop. oh yeah, she got an A for her english subject^^

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