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Social media has become a trend. More and more new social media site pop-up with their services. Even thought features and services offered by these media can vary, but they have a common thing, which is sharing contents.

You can share content with your friends, followers, readers, or any other terms which might used in a specific social media. Every social media has its own strength. Particular content sharing might more appropriate for one media but not for the others. Not to mention your audience background that can be different. It will be difficult to accommodate all the need of your audiences for sharing content without ShareThis button.

What you only need to do is go to http://www.sharethis.com and choose a ShareThis button design that you like the most. Click Get The Code Already button to retrieve the code for your ShareThis button of choice. This code can be embedded in any page on your site. Copy this code, then go to your site and install + activate ShareThis plugin. It will become a lot easier if you just use the WordPress built-in plugin installer to install ShareThis in your site. You also have a choice to get the ShareThis plugin directly from WordPress plugin directory and install it manually.

When the ShareThis plugin has been activated, now is time to do some configuration. Open configuration option for ShareThis plugin. In the text box Paste your widget code in here:, put the code that you copied from www.sharethis.com for your ShareThis button of choice. Save the configuration by clicking Update ShareThis Options button.

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ShareThis can count how much content shared. Now your audiences can easily share contents in your site to social media sites, such as twitter, digg, facebook, myspace, and others.

Go to www.sharethis.com for more information.

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