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WordPress is a platform that can help you to publish content on the Internet. You can easily writing a pos, adding a picture, embedding a file using WordPress. Contents are very important because they can attract attention from visitors to read your site.

If you prepared the contents well, then the more likely your reader will like the contents that you’ve published. There will be a chance they will save the content their like from your site into their computer.

The easiest choice for saving content into computer is using Save As facility from a browser. Browser will save the file as an html file with a separate folder for images. Some browser such as Internet Explorer and Opera provide a compact format to save a web with images and other files as a single file, using .MHT format. Unfortunately, this format isn’t available by default in other browser.

Using default option to save a page is not a compact choice, because it requires a file + a folder to save a single content. It will be a lot more convenient if your site can provide a single file for most of page.

Yes, you can do that using your WordPress site by converting a web page to pdf with WP Post to PDF plugin. PDF is become feasible option for you to provide, because it’s a popular format. Many users already have pdf reader installed in their computer.

Use a WordPress built-in installer to install WP Post to PDF easily. If you prefer to install it manually, then you can get it from WordPress Plugin Directory. After installing and activating WP Post to PDF, then there will be a PDF icon in right side of your web page. Visitors can now download contents from your site as a PDF file.

WP Post to PDF is created by Neerav Dobaria.

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