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WordPress starts as a blogging platform, but in its development, it now has become a full Content Management System (CMS). One of some feature that make a WordPress as a CMS is Custom Post Type.

When using WordPress as a blogging platform, you will likely to get a common post type just like any other blogging platforms: blog post or also known as blog entry on some platform. But a CMS must have an ability to accommodate more broad post type such as news, article, quotation, etc. This is the place where Custom Post Type takes place.

For simplifying site management, you should use Custom Post Type UI. Custom Post Type UI is a WordPress plugin to add, edit, and delete Custom Post Types with its own administration panel. The advantage of using Custom Post Type UI is you only need to create a Custom Post Type once, not to create it again and again every time you want to publish the same Custom Post Type.

New Custom Post Type
New Custom Post Type

Open the administration panel and choose Settings > Custom Post Type UI. There is a new page with all you need to create a new Custom Post Type. Fill in the form just like the example above and press Create Custom Post Type button to save it.

Custom Post Type Menu
Custom Post Type Menu

The new Custom Post Type that you just created will be added into the administration menu, so it can be accessed every time you want to use it. Create more Custom Post Type needed for your site. When you want to publish a content with custom type then it will be available to you from the menu.

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