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You must be already know the url shortener technique used in the Internet. Basically, the url shortening process involve HTTP Redirect with a short domain address which is directed to a target site with a long URL.

This process can create a compact URL, but you cannot trace how many times a link has been clicked. You’ll need to trace click count as an example for measuring the number of clicks to affiliate sites by your site visitors.

Off course there are some site providing free URL shortening service, such us the one offered by bit.ly. But this will create an impression your site isn’t professional. It will be a lot more convenient if you have URL shortening services integrated into your site.

You can do that process by using Simple URLs. Simple URLs is a wordpress plugin for managing URL where you can create, edit, trace outbound links, and delete links from your site. With Simple URLs, every links will be published using your own domain address.

Simple URLs developed by StudioPress. In their site, it’s explained that Simple URLs using a custom post type with a custom permalink structure too. Reducing performance and scalability problems.

You can download the plugin either from StudioPress or fram WordPress Plugin Directory. It’s free.
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