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Everyone has different definition about WordPress. Depends on what purpose they use it. For some, WordPress is a tool for blogging. For others, WordPress is a CMS. There’s some people too who consider WordPress is a sosial networking platform.

Now, WordPress has a new definition. It’s a e-commerce platform. Yes, the platform that you use to build an online store. Three days ago, WPMU website announced MarketPress release. It’s a new plugin for WordPress which can transform your site into an e-commerce site.

MarketPress can work with WordPress, MultiSite, and BuddyPress. You can open one store or multi store at the same time with MultiSite. Features which provided by MarketPress is on par with features that you’ve found on e-commerce site like Etsy or Shopify.

So you will find required features for from an e-commerce platform, such as:

  • Shopping cart
  • Product list
  • Product categories
  • Product tag cloud

You can see the complete features of MarketPress from WPMU DEV.

Actually, WordPress as an e-commerce platform is not a new thing. There’s some plugins before which give such a feature. However, not until MarketPlace release, an e-commerce plugin is designed to be compatible with both WP MultiSite and BuddyPress without any customization.

If you want to know what will be a WordPress site equipped with MarketPress. You can see the demo from wp-ecommerce.org. If you’ve already familiar with it, then you can open your own store with MarketPress, which can be downloaded from WPMU DEV (must become a member first).

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