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WordPress 3.0 allows us to run multiple blogs within one installation. We could make them shared for public as a blogging service, as we can see in blogdetik.com and, of course, wordpress.com. Unfortunately, in wordpress.com, we’re unable to manage existing plugins. It is entirely in the hands of Super Admin to enable or disable some plugins whether it will be visible for some users and invisible for the rest.

Unlike wordpress.com, blogdetik.com has a plugin page so we can manage what plugins to be activated though there’s some plugins which are already activated by default — cant be disabled. But still, there’s no excluded plugins so that the Super Admin cannot install some ‘super’ plugins like All In One SEO or Platinum SEO without sharing them with normal users. Whereas, as we all know, these plugins are burden to the server and if installed on the entire blogs could make us suspended by web host due to server resource overusage.

That’s why I created this plugin. Exclude Plugins will exclude plugins from appearing in plugins menu for normal user in WordPress multisite. This way, some plugins (excluded plugins) will be available only for Super Admins, while other plugins (included plugins) will be available for normal user. So everyone’s happy! :-D

Download Exclude Plugins.

Super Admin: The administrator who has full authority over all the blogs in a WordPress installation Multisite, different from the usual administrator only has authority over his own blog.
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  • SiteSubscribe berkata:

    Hi. This is the type of plugin I’ve been looking for over many months now. Thanks!

    Does it disable/deactivate AND hide the plugin from non-SuperAdmins, or just hide the plugin? Since you mentioned conserving server resources it sounds like it is not loaded at all?

    In some cases I want to install and activate a plugin ‘behind the scenes’, but not allow user access to see or configure the plugin.

    Is there a way to allow SuperAdmin to select/limit by user Role other than simply all other roles can access or not?

    Ultimately I’d like to limit use of plugins based on Premium Subscription level (using WP-eMember, S2Member, or WishList Member), but I might be able to use just Roles and Capabilities for now. Is this possible?

    So maybe provide options for:
    -manage capability by Role
    -activate but hide (so can be used but not configured by normal user)

    SuperAdmin capabilities:
    Add, Activate, Configure, Manage capabilities by role

    Other lesser role capabilities managed by SuperAdmin:
    Display Y/N, Activate Y/N, Deactivate Y/N, Configure Y/N

    It would be awesome to have this type of control. Is this possible?


    • itx berkata:

      1. there’s an option to force deactivate the plugin from normal user, just check it.

      2. simply hide/exclude the plugin and “network activate” the plugin, this way normal user can’t see the plugin but it’s activated.

      3. Role & capabilities is good point. but it’s kinda hard to achieve now.

  • Ray Waldo berkata:

    It appears that WP 3.1 broke your plugin. Now, I get…
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function print_plugins_table() in /home/btlocnet/public_html/wp-content/plugins/exclude-plugins/exclude-plugins.php on line 156
    Non-super admins still only see the plugins that I previously allowed. But I have no way to control include/exclude now. I don’t know what would happen if I uninstall?

    • itx berkata:

      i’m working on it. lots of code changed in the new wp. thanks for the report
      meanwhile, stay that way. don’t deactivate the plugin.

  • Lukman berkata:

    plugin mantep… ikut meninggalkan jejak ya :-)

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