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Diagnostic tool for Web Server

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It will be troublesome for us to get information from our web hosting provider where we put our wordpress installation about technical detail of their server. For an instance from my web hosting provider, I have to ask for a ticket support for every question about their services. Including detailed information about web server such as version of PHP or MySQL that can be helpful to a wordpress administrator. Surely they will always updating their system. The details that we get today are not always the same in the next month. The process of sending a ticket support has to be repetead to get updated information.

This is where Diagnosis plugin can help you. Diagnosis plugin can provide detailed technical information about PHP, MySQL, and other services that might be needed by a wordpress administrator. Diagnosis plugin provide this information by adding a new subdirectory to dashbord menu. From this page you can get a lot of information about the web server where you host your wordpress installation. Example of information that you can get from diagnosis plugin are similar to information from phpinfo() page.

The information from diagnosis plugin displayed in simple tables with extra explanations that can help in administering wordpress. Every field in the table comes with a link to wikipedia. Just in case you need more explanation. The information from diagnosis plugin can be used to determine is the web server that you’ve been using has the capabilities needed to handle specific plugin which requires the specific version of web server.

You can get information about Diagnosis plugin in WordPress plugin directory.

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