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Creating Custom Administration Menu

Gambar Dashboard dengan Menu Navigasi
itx.web.id Dashboard with Navigation Menu on The Left

Administration panel is the place where you can access and configure all WordPress’ functionality. The first page that will be accessed by a user is the dashboard. From the dashboard user can navigate through one administration page to others with the navigation menu on the left of every administration panel.

This menu is already set based on groups so users can use it easily. If you look at it,  the navigation menu on the left of administration page is always the same even in a different administration page. Uniformity of administration menu lead user not long enough to decide which menu to be chose, because it’s always the same be it in grouping, ordering, and the names. This menu is sufficient for most of WordPress users. But there is some users who might require a different navigation menu from what is provided by a standard WordPress installation.

For this kind of users there is Admin Menu Editor. Admin Menu Editor is a plugin that allow users to edit navigation menu on WordPress administration pages. With this plugin, a user can change menu ordering, hide unused menu, change menu’s name, and add a custom menu. Install and activate the plugin and set a custom menu from Settings -> Menu Editor.

Below is a full features of Admin Menu Editor:

  • Changing menu ordering via drag & drop support.
  • Changing individual menu grouping with cut & paste support.
  • Editing standard menu such as changing its name, access right, and icon.
  • Hiding unused menu so the administration menu can be more compact
  • And the most import part is, adding custom menu be it to specific administration page or to any external page

For a user who require professional support, there is a pro version of Admin Menu Editor. An Interesting feature from the pro version is users can save their menu configuration and export it as a file. The same file can be imported from a different WordPress site. So users don’t need to recreate the same custom menu. The others features are shortcodes support and ability to display menu in a new browser’s window.

Admin Menu Editor also supports WordPress Multisite. Install the plugin as a global plugin. It will be activated for all blogs/sites and users at once. One thing need to be considered if you want to deploy Admin Menu Editor: this plugin requires PHP 5 to run normally. Just make sure your hosting provider supports it.

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