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Adding Google Calendar to WordPress

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Google Calendar is a web based application that offers the same features as desktop application counterparts such as Microsoft Outlook. This is a time management application where you can manage meeting schedules in office or as a remainder for special day with your family. You can customize calendar by giving it a title, explanation, remainder with alarm, etc. Google calendar can be accessed by almost every operating system including for mobile devices such as cell phone and PDA as long as the operating system has browser that supports AJAX. It differs from desktop application, Microsoft Outlook, which only available only to PC and MAC users.

It will be convenient if Google Calendar can be added to your WordPress site. A site that MENGGELAR events for it’s visitors can gain advantages using Google Calendar. It’s because Google Calendar can be set to be accessed publicly by your visitors. The problem is the color scheme of Google Calendar can clash with the color scheme of your site.

Now that problem can be handled using Stout Google calendar plugin for WordPress. With Stout Google Calendar, you can have several calendars with different color schemes. These color schemes can be set as you wish. Below are the features of Stout Google Calender plugin:

  • Custom color schemes
  • Calendar management from WordPress administration panel
  • Save many calendars with different configurations such as color scheme, size, and date format
  • Display calendar using widget
  • Preview before saving
  • Color picker tool for easy color scheme selection

You can get Stout Google Calendar from WordPress Plugin Directory or using WordPress built-in installer directly from your administration panel.

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