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A WordPress standard can be installed as is. Off course to get a working WordPress site/blog, you’re going to need extra functionalities via plugins. If the most commonly used plugins are become parts of standard WordPress, this will make our tasks a lot more easier.

Why just don’t make a custom WordPress? Which is a combination of standard WordPress + plugins + themes you need. You don’t have to be a WordPress developer to do this. Just use Custom WordPress Package Builder. Custom WordPress Package Builder is a web based service that helps you build a custom build WordPress.

This is how it works: Open Custom WordPress Package Builder page. Fill in the form with your name and email address. Then pick plugins and themes from the list, anything you need to be added to a standard WordPress. This is a preliminary list. Tim Trice, the owner of Custom WordPress Package Builder opens to suggestions which plugins and themes should be added and supported through his service. Below is the preliminary list of plugins and themes you can added:


  • Breadcrumbs
  • Hello Dolly


  • Google XML Sitemaps

Contact Forms

  • Contact Forms 7
  • Cforms


  • Comment Redirect
  • Subscribe to Comments


  • Akismet


  • WP-DB Backup
  • WP Security Scan
  • Secure WordPress


  • WP Super Cache
  • W3 Total Cache


  • All in One SEO


  • Google Analytics for WP


  • Atahualpa
  • Hybrid
  • Thematic

There are two plugins from the list that are parts of the standard WordPress package, which is Hello Dolly and Akismet. If it’s not picked, then the plugins will be not added to the WordPress package. My suggestion is, just add the Akismet and leave the Hello Dolly Plugin. Moreover, I still don’t know what Hello Dolly is for. If you already finished, then push the Submit button. A download link will be send to given email address.

There is one thing you need to pay attention before clicking the Submit button. The newsletter option is chose by default. It means, you’re going to get periodic email from this service. If this is not what you want, remove the newsletter option and then click the Submit button. Next, only the download link for custom WordPress package will be send.

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