Create Page (Statis Post) in WordPress (Beginner Only)

Study Case : Create a static page (page) in wordpress
Requirements : Your just WordPress.com Accounts
Warning : This tutorial is beginner only, so, watch out! 🙂

Static pages (pages) needed when we want create a page that – well, he explained – static. Unlike blog post / posts, Page is usually contained on the pages which almost never / rarely made an update. See picture below,

Pictured above is an example of the Page in WordPress.

To create a static page or this page, follow these steps below:

Create Page
1. Log into wordpress account with a your username and password account.
2. You will be redirected to the dashboard page.
3. Click on the Page menu, on the left side menu (sidebar wordpress dashboard). See picture.

4. Select the Add New button.
5. Then you will be directed to the posting page views (similar to when we do post regular article). Write the contents of the page static as you want. See sample below.

6. Click Publish to save your page.

Test: Open your wordpress site. So the page you will appear. See example image below.

“About this blog” is a page you just created. The Page appears in addition to the default page of wordpress, which is Home.

Want your static page appears at the beginning of your blog (as an index)?

Settings Page
Setting is done to ensure that your pages are in static initial page (when you run a wordpress blog – index page). This is useful, for example, you would like when someone opens a blogyou, it will be immediately directed to a page About Me.
In this case, you should make the About Me page first (See step-by-step above), then adjust the settings.

Here’s how to adjust the settings page to appear beginning at page wordpress.
1. Select the Settings menu – Reading on the left side menu wordpress.
2. On Reading the settings page, set up as shown below.

3. Save the settings by selecting the Save button.

Test: Open your wordpress site once again. This time, make sure the page your newly created displays an index page:)
See picture.

Happy WordPress-ing:)

Oleh littleflow3r

obviously, a girl. with sweet smile, off course. turning her 21 years trapped on Informatics departement and just started to having some crush with it lately. she uses wordpress. she loves php. she loves to satisfied her shopping hobbies just via looking around in online shop. oh yeah, she got an A for her english subject^^

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