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Create a Form in the WordPress with CForms Plugin

Case Study : Creating a Registration Form with CForms Plugin.

Requirements : CMS WordPress, already installed. CForms Plugin, download here.

Content Management System is the way to develop website/blog with a more personalize, but still as easy as create a blog. With CMS, we may not see entire code, so… CMS wont give what we want just like if we develop website from the scratch…(a.k.a form-zero coding…).

This is where the plugin plays. We still can make our CMS website with more personalized using the plugin. Cforms is one of the wordpress plugin that helps us in creating the form, for example, create contact forms, registration forms, etc..

Here we go..

Step 1 : Installing CForms

  1. Go to the dashboard wordpress wp-admin page, select the Plugins menu.
  2. Choose add new.
  3. In the install plugin menu, choose upload tab.
  4. Browse the cform plugin (zip file) that has been downloaded.
  5. Then choose install now.
  6. So It will display the confirmation of a successful install as shown below.

    Install cforms success
  7. Click activate plugin.
  8. Once the plugin is active, then a new menu in the wordpress dashboard page will appear as shown below.

    cformsII menu

Step 2 : Creating the Form

  1. Go to the dashboard, cformsII menu, choose Form Settings.
  2. In the Form Name field, create a new form with the name formdaftar, as shown below.

    form name
  3. In the sample form, there are already the default fields such as in the figure below. You can add your own fields by clicking the Add button under the description of the fields (the red circle to 1 in the figure), then set their own type – type the desired fields. To remove a field, click on the Remove button (red circle to 2 in the figure).
  4. To edit a field, click the edit button like below (the red circle to 3 on the figure).

    Fields Setting
  5. For field validation, set on the right side of the field. For example, if it is the email field, then put checks on the setting of the validation email. See picture below.

    Field Validation
  6. Update settings (tombol bagian kanan).

Step 3 : Setting Admin Email.

In the cform, submission form will be sent via email. Admin email is the email address that will responsible to receive the submission from the user.

  1. Go to Form Settings menu – Admin Email Message Option
  2. In this case we will make the submission form will be sent to my email, and the email will also from myself, (using a single email for send and receive). Set as shown below, adjust with your email account.

    Admin Email Setting
  3. Update Settings.

Step 4 : Mail Server Setting

  1. Go to Global Settings – Mail Server Settings
  2. Enter as shown below (adjust with your email account – for server settings, you could google it. Here’s an example of setting if you use a Yahoo account to the admin email).

    Mail Server Setting
  3. Update Settings.

Step 5 : Install Form

  1. Go to the Post atau Page where you want to install the form.
  2. The new cform button will appear just like the image below.

    cforms button
  3. Click in that cform button, and select the form that you want to insert it in.

    Insert Form to Post
  4. Click Publish.

Step 6 : Testing the Form

  1. View Post/Page which contains formdaftar.
  2. Then you will see your form has been formed as shown below 🙂

    Form Daftar 🙂
  3. Fill the form, then submit.
  4. After the successful confirmation appears, check your emails 😀

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