Albizia dan Bombax diterima di direktori theme WordPress

Perjuangan yang tidak sebentar memang, butuh berkali-kali ditolak dan berkali-kali submit. Akhirnya setelah 2 bulan sejak pertama kali submit ke sana, Albizia diterima juga. Lebih beruntung Bombax yang satu bulan setelah disubmit bisa diterima.

Ketiga theme yang telah kubuat dan direlease utk publik (Albizia, Bombax, Calotropis) mempunyai banyak kesamaan. yang paling jelas adalah pada theme options-ya. Dengan theme options yang banyak membuatnya lebih menonjol daripada theme lain yang sekedar tampilannya saja yang bagus. Pertama kali struktur kodenya banyak yang berbeda, namun kemudian disamakan (dengan mengubah banyak tentunya). Penyamaan struktur ini berguna terutama jika ada fitur tambahan di suatu theme, agar dapat diaplikasikan dengan mudah di theme yg lain

Pembuatan Albizia dan Bombax ini memakan waktu berpuluh jam (mungkin ratusan), pekerjaan yang tidak sebentar memang, tapi semoga pengorbanan waktu ini bisa berguna bagi kita semua 😀 .

Oleh itx

Simple coder

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bang itx. . .sebelumnya thank ya,templatenya bagus sekali.http://itx.web.id/wp-includes/images/smilies/banana-ninja.gif. .and maaf aku agak rubah2 dikit judul templatenya. . .hehehehe
http://itx.web.id/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif (banana_ninja)
Bang itx,mau tanya dunk,q pake albizia buatan abang. ..q kesulitan untuk cara agar backgroundnya bisa full satu layar bang. . .mohon bantuanya. . . .???http://itx.web.id/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif

Is it possible to edit category pages and tag pages?

Is it possible to edit the single.php and page.php files to add items (adverts) direct into the template? I tried but it failed – was probably looking at the wrong part though.

Also, when I use the Inner Top Widget Area it extends beyond the content width.

Lovely theme though.

Hi matey, I absolutely LOVE your Bombax and Albizia Themes. They are so fantastically customisable, it´s unreal (at least for a non-premium theme). Love all the options I have in the WP dashboard! 🙂

However, I just have two small issues with Albizia. One is that when I use the Featured & Excerpts front page layout, I have some posts that have only a video in it, and for those posts no thumbnail appears in the excerpts boxes on the front page. Is there a way to do this? The second thing, which is actually related to my first question, is that in the frontpage settings, at the bottom, “If no Thumbnail/Image Found in a post”, you say you can enter a URL for a custom image… but there is actually no box to enter this.

Can you help? I would really appreciate if you either email me or reply here, thanks!

Barbarella from Lanzarote

1. the thumbnail have to be an image.
2. go to theme options > Front Page and scroll down to the very bottom. There are 2 boxes to enter the images.

Hello itx and congratulations on this new theme!

We have just arrived at WordPress and we are going to use your theme, so thank you for your work to create this!

We plan to post teaching movies on our Blog.

We are newbees in the Blog World – could you advise on a download/plug in that will enable us to use your theme, and have quick-loading/quick playing movies on the blog?

We just need them to be smooth and trouble-free for people to watch, with more than a link to click on – so they click on a ‘video’ to watch.

We can convert movies to Flash if that helps.

Best Wishes

Janet Brown

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