Delete Mysql Data Function with PHP

Case Study : Create function to delete data on mysql database.
Requirements : Webserver Packages, already installed.

Delete function will be done one by one, so, here it is.

Step 1 : Prepare the Database

  1. Create database named db_tutorial
  2. Prepare a table named tb_kota, with structure like picture below,
  3. Insert some sample data like below,
  4. Done!

Step 2 : Prepare the work directory

  1. Create folder named tutorphp in your document root
  2. Save all file in this tutorial in this folder.

Step 3 : Create a connection to DB script

  1. Type the following script,
    [sourcecode language=”php”]
    $host = "localhost";
    $user = "root";//adjust according to your mysql setting
    $pass = ""; //adjust according to your mysql setting, i use no password here
    $dbName = "db_tutorial";
    mysql_connect($host, $user, $pass);
    or die ("Connect Failed !! : ".mysql_error());
  2. Save with the name connect.php

Step 4 : Script to show the data

  1. Type the following script,
    [sourcecode language=”php”]
    <script type="text/javascript" src="warning.js"></script>
    <h2> Student’s Data <h2>
    include ‘connect.php’;
    $query = "SELECT * FROM tb_student"; //the query for get all data in tb_student
    $result = mysql_query($query);

    echo "<table border=’0′ cellpadding=’4′ cellspacing=’4′>";
    echo "<tr bgcolor=’orange’ align=’center’>
    <td> <b> No </b> </td>
    <td> <b> Name </b> </td>
    <td> <b> Address </b> </td>
    <td> <b> Action </b> </td>
    while ($data = mysql_fetch_array($result)) //mysql_fetch_array = get the query data into array
    echo "<tr align=’center’>
    <td>".$data[‘address’]."</td> "; ?>
    <td> <i> <a href="prosesdelete.php?no=<?php echo $data[‘no’];?>" onClick="return warning();"> Del </a> </i></td>
    echo "</table>";


  2. Save with the name student_data.php

Step 5 : Create javascript to show warning

  1. Type the following script,
    [sourcecode language=”javascript”]
    function warning() {
    return confirm(‘Are You Sure to Delete This Data?’);
  2. Save with the name formupdate.php

Step 6 : Create script to process delete

  1. Type the following script,
    [sourcecode language=”php”]
    include "connect.php";
    //get the value from form update
    $no = $_GET[‘no’]; //get the no which will deleted

    //query for update data in database
    $query = "DELETE from tb_student WHERE no = ‘$no’" ;
    $hasil = mysql_query($query);
    //see the result
    if ($hasil) {
    include "data.php";
    echo "<h4> delete data success </h4>";

  2. Save with the name prosesdelete.php

Step 7 : Testing Code

  1. Go to http://localhost/tutorphp/date.php. Click delete in one of the data showed.
  2. When confirmation window appear, choose OK.
  3. Thus the success conformation appear, and the data has been deleted. Check your database, too. Make sure that the data really deleted 😀

For the explanation of the script just see the comment script or ask here… and feel free to comment 😀
OK. Haaaaaaaapppy Coding! 😀