who am i?

PHP Programmer specializing WordPress Theme development.

WordPress theme I made that released to public for free:

  • Albizia
  • Bombax
  • Calotropis

Beside WordPress Theme development, I make website with PHP from scratch (no framework) as you can see in http://daftarweb.org.

I’m an expert in my area, proven by my works and with lots of good response in my WordPress theme. You can hire me to edit WordPress theme or make or analyze anything with PHP.

You can hire me $15 per hour. For easy questions around my Themes, it’s free. But if i have to analyze or building script that projected to be finished in more than an hour, you have to hire me with normal rate.

Before doing projects, I will analyze the time needed to do the job that client asks. After a deal made, client pays half of the fee in front. Client pays the other half when client satisfied with the result.


  • Jeremy Stephens berkata:

    Hi there,

    Sorry for contacting you through this method.

    I have an issue with your wordpress theme on the site above. I am looking to have a picture which links to a CPA offer on the first page, but all i can see is a grey block.

    Can you help me to change this please? I just dont know how to.

    Any help GRATEFULLY received. Its a GREAT theme by the way!!



  • Perry Patterson berkata:

    Just an FYI… the Bombax theme does not work for Multi-Users sites in admin mode. If I do any kind of updates, I have to switch to another theme, so my network maintenance and then switch back. If I didn’t love your theme, it would be gone. Any chance your’re workin on a fix?

  • Jamil berkata:

    I want to know if you can make some slight ammendments to the Albizia theme. I want to set the width to 1000px but i want to be able to choose the color of the 2 side bars outside the 1000px. Also i want to change the header position by adding a logo in the middle in stead of the title text.

    I cant find your contact details anywhere so hope you dont mind me contact you like this.

  • Kat Marie berkata:

    I’d like to hire you to fix up one of your themes for me. I love the Calotropis theme but could you make some amendments for me? Mainly some of the editor templates are missing and I’d like if I could connect with you to get them. I think it would be a pretty quick job for you!

  • khalid berkata:


    i want a theme template ? can you make it for me ? if yes how much?

    please contact via email thnx;)

  • khalid berkata:

    please contact me ?

  • Suzette Marais berkata:

    I am using your Bombax 1.3 theme. I am a newbie and need some advice. My menus are all brown coloured. How do I change it back to transparent?

  • boni aditya berkata:

    Dude, i love your themes. You are the only one other guy who thought that using the complete screen estate should not be an exception but the rule. I am using your theme in my website. I had to search for two full days to find the themes that are flexible full width with a right side bar, a left side bar and two drop down menu. And thanks to you, i could have them. I owe you one! You saved me the trouble of building my own wordpress theme from ground up.
    Thanking you once again- boni aditya

  • Sergey berkata:

    Hi, I’m from Russia, I am writing a translator. I put your theme bombs, but how to do the same distance, and then to the right more in the sidebar, look at the picture.
    Please write to e-mail how to reduce the distance to the right as it was left.

  • jessica berkata:

    Hi, I need to know how to remove the facebook icon and feed from the header. please respond asap. thanks

  • Sergey berkata:

    Yes, this is nonsense, open the “Theme Options for Bombax” and select the “Links”, there simply delete the text in front Fatsebuk and all it will not be displayed. Can anyone help with my question which is a bit higher? to the right column to the left a little rose by 10 pixels for example. Thank you. Greetings from Russia.

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