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Exclude Plugins: Make Some Plugins Exclusive in WordPress 3.0 Multisite

Exclude Plugins
WordPress 3.0 allows us to run multiple blogs within one installation. We could make them shared for public as a blogging service, as we can see in blogdetik.com and, of course, wordpress.com. Unfortunately, in wordpress.com, we’re unable to manage existing plugins. It is entirely in the hands of Super Admin to enable or disable some plugins whether it will be visible for some users and invisible for the rest.

Unlike wordpress.com, blogdetik.com has a plugin page so we can manage what plugins to be activated though there’s some plugins which are already activated by default — cant be disabled. But still, there’s no excluded plugins so that the Super Admin cannot install some ‘super’ plugins like All In One SEO or Platinum SEO without sharing them with normal users. Whereas, as we all know, these plugins are burden to the server and if installed on the entire blogs could make us suspended by web host due to server resource overusage.

That’s why I created this plugin. Exclude Plugins will exclude plugins from appearing in plugins menu for normal user in WordPress multisite. This way, some plugins (excluded plugins) will be available only for Super Admins, while other plugins (included plugins) will be available for normal user. So everyone’s happy! 😀

Download Exclude Plugins.

Super Admin: The administrator who has full authority over all the blogs in a WordPress installation Multisite, different from the usual administrator only has authority over his own blog.